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We provide quality ingredient sourcing, raw material analysis, extensive product engineering services, comprehensive laboratory testing services and manufacturing expertise to some of the most recognized brands in the nutritional products industry. Discover what our clients already know.

A partnership with Nutritional Laboratories International (NLI) will control your costs, improve the quality of your products, improve supply chain reliability, assure regulatory compliance, provide you with detailed manufacturing specifications and product formulation – and free up your company to focus its time and energy on branding, marketing, sales, and product development. In an evolving industry, NLI will help you stay ahead of the curve.

We Know Manufacturing

Our Success is Measured in your Success

Since our inception, NLI has developed and produced thousands of finished products, from single botanicals to highly complex 40+ ingredient vitamin/mineral combinations. We are capable of delivering product forms that include tablets and capsules.

When you choose NLI, you get a partner invested in your long-term success. You are not an account number. Your product is not just another SKU. To help you achieve success, we go beyond simple contract manufacturing.  Our team works directly with you to get to know the unique needs of your staff and the specific requirements of your products. When you choose NLI you’re not just getting a supplier you’re getting a partner invested in turning your goals into tangible realities.

Total Quality Management Starts With Client Care

As a major branch of the preventative health movement, dietary supplements are inherently innovative. So are the people and companies in this industry. We’re already planning how to impress you with our signature personalized customer care and extra mile-service. We work with you one-to-one, getting to know the unique interpersonal needs of your staff and the specific requirements of your production orders.

Recommendations on ingredient sourcing, formulation adjustments, process efficiencies, long-term cost-saving choices-these are tips that only an experienced natural product manufacturer can provide and we consider it “standard process” as we work with you to create a forward-thinking manufacturing plan.We know the world of dietary supplements, both in the U.S. and internationally. We have the in-house scientific labs to back up your label claims. We keep a finger on the pulse of industry-altering scientific studies and let you in on that insider knowledge. When you partner with NLI, your products stand on our foundation of expertise.

Pharmaceutical-Level Quality

Utilizing some of the most sophisticated quality control systems in the industry, NLI leads the charge meeting all of today’s challenging regulatory requirements. Our clients can BE CERTAIN-of their product’s quality, purity, strength and composition.

At NLI, we view the quality of our products as the foundation of our business. Your product line is far too valuable and the marketplace is far too competitive to cut corners in manufacturing. Your customers demand distinctive quality – and we provide it. Since our inception in 1997, NLI has grown and thrived by adhering to the strictest quality standards – long before the FDA demanded it. Our industry-leading drug cGMP quality manufacturing processes include; Advanced Laboratory Testing and Fully Documented Product Specifications

Utilizing four state-of-the-art laboratories, our professional staff — overseen by three PhDs — ensures uncompromised product consistency and quality. At NLI, quality is not just a goal, it’s the core philosophy we built our business around.

Exceeding FDA Standards since our Inception

Because we built our business around the core philosophy of quality, we didn’t have to “catch up” when the FDA began requiring new GMP standards in the supplement industry. From day one, we’ve been producing pharmaceutical-level quality products. Unlike many of our competitors who are still struggling to adapt to new regulatory standards — at NLI compliance is a strength, not a challenge.

Your Job is Hard Enough

Navigating today’s complicated international regulatory environment can be a daunting task. But our experienced team is here to help. We serve clients with products distributed on every continent except Antarctica. We are experts in the process of creating, collecting, and approving global export documents. Let our Regulatory Services Team help take the hassle out of global distribution.

Our timely and thorough documentation is supported by ongoing Quality Assurance oversight. NLI welcomes third-party audits and uses these audits as an additional tool for continuous process improvement.

Partner with NLI today to ease the burden of regulatory compliance and global distribution.

Industry Leading In-House Laboratories

NLI’s in-house laboratories ensure the safety and quality of your supplements from start to finish. Our professionally staffed labs are overseen by three PhDs and rely on state-of-the-art pharmaceutical-grade testing equipment. Our comprehensive testing services are housed in four laboratories at our main production facility:
• Analytical Lab — verifies identification and determines concentration of active components in the raw materials and finished products
• Physical Lab — confirms physical attributes such as particle size distribution, density, moisture, color, disintegration, hardness, and friability
• Microbial Lab — determines the aerobic, yeast, and mold plate counts and detects the presence of pathogens
• Research and Development Lab — develops test methodology, improves product formulas, and conducts stability studies

Our unusual level of internal scientific support results in expanded product development capabilities, uncompromised product consistency and quality, and more efficient materials sourcing and manufacturing.

NLI’s Research and Development Lab will assist you in identifying formulation adjustments and new ingredient sources that may help trim long-term costs while improving your original product’s quality. The R&D team collaborates with universities and other research groups to provide scientific support for product formulas.

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